Hours : Mon To Fri - 7AM - 5PM, Saturday & Sunday Closed

Admission Process

Register Your Interest With Us in a Few Simple Steps:


Complete an Application Form with your child's school reports attached.

Apply To  THE BLEC Pre-Primary

Apply To THE BLEC Primary

Apply To THE BLEC Junior Secondary

Assessment / Taster Day

Day Care students are welcome to join a taster day and are assessed by the Head of the Pre-Primary section. 


Joining Primary and Junior Secondary students are invited to attend an interview with the Head of Academics before meeting with the Headteacher.

Offer Letter

An offer letter is sent to parents and legal guardians.

Registration & Caution Money

Parents/guardians pay a registration fee of KSh 1,000 per Pre-Primary and Primary child and Ks 1,500 per Junior Secondary Student
An additional caution fee of KSh 2,000 is paid for day students.
The caution fee for boarding students is KSh 4,000.


Your child is admitted to THE BLEC School.