Admission Process

Register Your Interest With Us in a Few Steps:


Complete an Application Form with your child’s school reports attached.

Assessement / Taster Day

Pre- Primary students are welcome to join a taster day and are assessed by the Head of the Pre-Primary section. 


Day Care to Grade 6 and JSS students are invited to attend an interview with the Head of Academics before being admited into the school.

Offer Letter

An offer letter is sent to parents and legal guardians.

Registration & Caution Money

Parents/guardians pay a registration fee of Ksh 1,000 per Pre-Primary and Primary child, for JSS registration fee is Ksh 1,500.
An additional caution fee of Ksh 1,500 is paid for day students.
The caution fee for boarding students is KSh 2,500.



Your child is admited to BLEC School.


Our academic program begins each January with the start of Term 1. However, we welcome new students throughout the year. We rigorously evaluate each student’s academic history and educational approach and combine the results with the entry assessment test to facilitate appropriate placement. Our dedicated educators strive to create a supportive learning environment to help our students achieve their highest potential. We are excited for you to join our vibrant community today, and we look forward to supporting you throughout your academic journey.


Admissions to THE BLEC are facilitated solely by the administration. In order to secure admission, aspiring students must furnish copies of their previous school reports, academic transcripts, and in cases that apply, the Leaving Certificate. Personal interviews and entrance placement exams and/or reading tests may also be necessary where feasible. It is important to note that admission to THE BLEC is solely based on the value the school’s curriculum can offer to the student, as well as their contributions to the school’s community.


To apply for admission to THE BLEC, prospective students are required to complete the application form which is available online. Applicants may also request an interview if it is feasible. During the interview, candidates are expected to bring copies of their previous school reports, birth certificate, parents national ID’s and examination grades. These documents can also be forwarded with the application if it is not possible to attend the interview in person. Please note that all applications will be carefully reviewed, and the selection process is highly competitive. Therefore, it is recommended that applicants submit all required documents in a timely and organized manner. For further information or assistance with the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The school is pleased to offer its own bus transport network for students and parents who require transportation to and from various locations within Kwale County. We understand the importance of reliable and safe transportation, and therefore, we have taken every measure to provide it to our valued students and families. Our bus services come at an additional, reasonable cost, and we encourage interested parties to reach out to the school office for relevant route and timing details. We believe our transportation services will undoubtedly enhance the overall experience of our students and parents, and we remain committed to providing excellent education and services that meet their needs.

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